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FAQ :: 2015 stan-countries

INFO 2015

We used a lot of good stan-info from:

caravanistan.com, "most complete, most up-to-date travel guide to Central Asia and beyond"
- 2experience.nl, Belinda & Markus, two Dutch travellers, good information
lost-and-found-adventures.com, jon & jude


Visum-free for 30 days.

Gaz in Kyrgyzstan:
If you call Kadir @ 0550-333816, he will come to you in Bishkek and fill any gazbottle for 550 Som per bottle.


Embassy Brussels 30-days-visa and GBAO-permit (Pamir Highway) bij mail, to use within 3 month after issuing.


LOI via caravanistan.com within 2 weeks, to use within one month.
On 7-7-2015, at the Uzbek embassy in Bishkek, we got our 30-day-visa on the spot for $75 p.p.
After a telephonecall, mentioning our name and LOI-number we had an appointment the next day at 10.00.
At 10.00 the lady came out and checked everybody in a certain order. Then people were called in one by one in that order. At 11.15 we left with the visa in our passports.

Uzbekistan Embassy in Bishkek
Tynystanov Street 213
tel: +996.312.662.065
N42.87326  E074.60914


With our Dutch passports we applied for the transit-visa at Turkmen Embassy in Bishkek on Tuesday 7-7-2015. We had to fill in 2 different applicationforms on the spot and to handover a handwritten "urgent" request for transit-visa (incl. names, passportnrs, date and port of entry, date and port of exit, planned route) together with color-copies of passports, visa Iran and visa Uzbekistan and 2 passport photo's. 

One week later, 14-7-2015, went back to the embassy, got a document for paying $55 p.p. at the KICB-Bank. Then we got our transit-visa for 5 days from K-Urgenc to Howdan like we asked for.

Turkmenistan Embassy in Bishkek
9, Baitik Baatyr Street (south of the city)
tel: +996 312 881 232
N42.8125  E074.59353

- we just went up to the embassy and via the guard we got an appointment that same day at 15.00 h.
- if you e-mail alinazorinasmile@mail.ru you can apply for visa before coming to Bishkek.
- 22-06-2015: Went to the Turkmen Consulate in Almaty to apply for transit-visa from K-Urgenc to Howdan (see above). The man simply said that we had to apply for a tourist-visa (LOI and guide needed!) for that route.  Transit-visa only for Farab - Sarahs! 


Iran (May/June 2015)

LOI via iranianvisa.com
Visum (30 days) in Almaty, Kazakhstan to use within 3 month.
Very friendly, we could pay cash in local money at the embassy.

Iran Embassy in Almaty
Luganskiy St 31-33
tel: +7 727 254 1974 
N43.24293  E76.97422